I hear the words you say and they aren’t kind at all.

I see your actions and they make me question it all.

I don’t know why and I can’t wrap my mind around how you could hurt me so.

All I know is that my heart is broken, my mind screams out, but I remain silent.

My words won’t change anything and nothing I do will make it better.

I feel in my heart, in my soul and within every bone in my body that you have been or are being unfaithful.

You accuse me, but I remain devoted to my vows and the man that I gave my all.

I try so hard to remain strong.

Work so hard to keep busy so that I don’t have to think about the betrayal

But deep down inside I am dying.

You are killing me from within.

You are destroying the one that you vowed to hold dear.

The heart that I trusted you with, you kicked around and stomped for your own pleasure.

I see the change in you and it is destroying me.

I refuse to search, dare not question and fight back the tears.

I gave you my love, my heart, my soul, my everything

None of it was enough to keep you from being unfaithful.