Bound for now

It’s taking so much out of me to be the person that they want me to be. I was brought into this world, because of the person that I am, but they quickly tried to change me. My problem is that I care too much. I work so hard to be the best me that I can be, but in order to “survive” in their world, I have to throw it all out of the window.

The best me that I can be goes against the small percentage that they give. I can’t stoop to their level, so they do everything they can to bring me down. Ties my hands every step of the way and knock me off at the knees, stifle me and block my path to reaching my goals. I can’t check that item off my todo list until they handle their part, and they know that. They never handle their part, which leaves me with a full list and my fractured mind can’t funtion that way.

I guess I won’t “survive” here. Planning my escape and it’s only be 60 days. I wanted to build something I could be proud of, something that would last, something that would allow me to take who I am and use it to create something great. Instead, I’m found myself in a shady area full of roadblocks, deceit and frustration. That’s ok though, because you may have me bound and gagged right now, but anyone who knows me knows that I won’t remain that way. I found my way to freedom in far worse conditions and this won’t be the one that breaks me.

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