Care of Myself

The way I feel right now,
I can’t think of anything besides this pain
The way I feel right now,
Nothing else matters and I can not make an apology
This is one of those situations where I can only focus on me

I know that you feel that I am being selfish
You are used to me carrying the world on my shoulders
This seems out of character and I understand that you don’t understand
All I can say is that right now, I have to be my top priority
I’m not asking for assistance or pity
I just need some time to take care of me

By the look on your face and the words that you spew
I see that you don’t care for my stance on the issue at hand
All I can say is that right now, at this point in time, I can’t care about your feelings
I can’t allow myself to get sucked in and pulled away
I have to stand firm, while I can still stand
I must take some time away from the world and all that it expects to do
I have to turn away for once

I must take care of me, because if I don’t, nothing else will matter
It’s ok, there’s nothing needed from you
There’s absolutely nothing that I expect you to do
I will depart now and hopefully I will be able to return

I have to take care of me