He took a step forward

And I stood behind him making sure he didn’t fall

I kept everything away that would prevent him from moving closer to his goal

On my shoulders, I carried the burdens, the stresses, the parts of life

That would weigh him down

When he felt tired

I used all of my strength to hold him up

I told him that he can do it

Reminded him that one more step would get him closer than before

I did my best to keep him motivated

Did everything I could to make sure that he continued to put one foot in front of the other

When he doubted himself, I was his biggest cheerleader

I was anything he needed me to be

I did it for him

Because he did it for me

And when he reaches his destination

I will take my place at his side

And he will be at mine

We will rise together

Because we held each other up, motivated each other and cheered each other on

An unbreakable bond

We can do anything

As long as we are together