I ‘ve been working on my podcast, SchizoAffect. It’s my way of getting out of my head. I’m really honest about the things I go through. My current episodes cover my hallucinations, both visual and auditory. I’ve never really spoken about them in such detail before.

At first, I wondered if speaking so openly could cause problems for me in the long run, but then I figure that maybe someone listening would see that they are not alone and it could help them in some way. Maybe some people would listen and just think I’m crazy, but someone will understand. Maybe, just maybe, someone will tell me how they’ve dealt with it and overcame the same issues.

For me, emptying my mind there, here or simply on paper, helps me. I am thankful for the outlets and the few people that take the time to listen or read the insanity that I release from my mind.

If you have a moment, take the time to listen and even follow my podcast, click here

Thanks in advance.