Words aren’t enough

My words feel so empty

How can I possibly put into words how much I love you

There are days when you drive me insane and I scream and shout, still you remain by my side

There are days when the frustrations of life cause me to go silent, you sit there awaiting my words

There are days when I don’t know what is wrong and I just want to sit alone in the dark, you wait for me in the light

You calm me when I can’t calm myself

When I need to vent, you sit there silently listening

You are my safe place, warm arms, protector and sun that pushes away the grey clouds when they surround me

You are my everything when I feel that I have nothing left

How can I possibly put into words how you make me feel, make me think, make me reach higher and lift my head when I want nothing more than to put it to the pavement

You make me stronger, lift me higher and push me farther

You are my love, my best friend, the part of me that I never knew was missing

You made me whole and showed me what it means to truly love

How can I possibly put into words what you truly mean to me

Words just don’t seem to be enough