Paint me a picture
Make sure you include the image that remains in my mind
That image that broke my heart and tore my soul to shreds
That image that destroyed everything we built together

Sing me a song
I always loved your voice
Make sure your lyrics express the pain you caused me
Be sure to include the moment you killed my love for you
Don’t leave out any details, because they are what matter most

Take a picture for me
Take a picture of all the moments when you lied
The moments when you turned your back on the love you claimed to have for me
Make it count, though, because a picture is worth a thousand words
You’ve given so many words to a person that wasn’t me

Make me a sculpture
Apparently, you have a lot of time on your hands
Though you told me that you were busy every moment of the day
Make sure to include a tear drop
I want it to run down the face of the woman you depict
It will stand forever, because that it how long this pain will remain

Make me something
With all the time you gave to her
You apparently have a lot of time to create
You took the time to create a world where you are too busy for me,
But openly available for another

Use some of that time to create
Use that time productively
Use that time on something other than being a liar and a deceiver
Use that time that you don’t want to spend with me,
To create something worth something,
Cause apparently we never were