My Death

I wish I could make you understand how you make me feel when you say those things to me. I wish you could feel my pain and understand why I can’t fight back the tears. You don’t know how many things go through my head.

All those things that laid the foundation, those things I thought to be true, everything you ever said to make me love you, you now made them untrue. Those mean things you say to me. The way you warp my already fragile mind. The way you make me feel so stupid, unloved and blind.

Love shouldn’t hurt like this. You’re a pro at bringing me so much pain. You know the words to cut like a knife. You know how to kill my soul. You know how to weaken me and break me to my core. You know how to bring me death, when all I wanted from you was to be a glimmer of peace in my life.

You chose to kill me instead.