How does it feel

Where were you when the pots and pans collected these tears
What went through your mind when you turned two deaf ears to my cries
You turned out the light when all I wanted was for you to see my pain
How did it feel to free yourself of any responsibility
It seemed so easy for you
I wish I had the strength to do the same
It must be nice to live your kind of life
To sleep so peaceful and smell only roses as your heart rots away
It must be a peaceful feeling to know that no matter what you do to others, you can walk away free, clear and unbothered
I don’t think I’ll ever know what that’s like

But, I’ll tell you this….

Words cannot describe the feeling of being mistreated so many times, being let down so much and being trampled on so hard that you become numb
You become so used to the pain and expect the worse, so you cease to feel any disappointment.
You walk through life, a shell of your former self
You haven’t built walls, locked doors, or raised the draw bridge
There’s no need
An army could come in guns blazing, fire could consume you and you’d sit there oblivious

How can you explain what it feels like to be done
To be so beaten down and broken that you no longer care

What I wonder though…..

Is what does it feel like to be the reason that a person who was so full of life, emotions and love is now void of it all.
What does it feel like to know that you are responsible for destroying another human being

I guess we already addressed that…..

You feel nothing at all

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