Speaking with Shadows

There’s nothing in this world that I want more than to be at peace. I don’t want the interruptions of the world or the worries of those around me to break my peace. I enjoy the silence, the type of silence that only being alone can bring. I want to hear only my thoughts and the voices in my head that keep me both sane and insane at the same time. I want to have those conversations with them that make me laugh and cry. I want to hear their thoughts on my thoughts and work through problems that only they can understand.

They bring me peace and together we create a world of our own. I get lost in that world and it gets lost in me. I find comfort there and the shadows are my friends. We have a different kind of understanding that allows them to reside in the darkest regions of my mind. They take refuge in my subconscious and keep me company when I need a friend. When I need somewhere to hide from the world, they give me shelter and make sure that I never want to leave.

They are my peace and with them I have nothing but. I understand them and they understand me, together we hide from the world.


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