There are times when I just want to be alone with my thoughts.
Times when I am working something out in my head or simply enjoying the maze that I’ve created up there.
Sometimes, I really just enjoy the silence.
I don’t think many people know that word or appreciate how much can be accomplished in.
It is in the silence that great works are created, ideas are born and where peace of mind resides.
Silence is a beautiful thing that so many take for granted.
Loving the sound of your own voice is not a bad thing and sharing it with the world is not a crime.
There are, however, moments when the absence of sound can be the greatest gift you can give a person.
This is especially true for a person who spends so much time interacting with the world and needs a moment to compose themselves.
This time, my friend, can mean life or death to those unlucky enough to be in the blast zone of everything the person has held inside.

I say these things not to be cruel, not to sound like I don’t enjoy the time I spend interacting with others. No, I say this as a person who, even as I type this, can not get a moment of silence.

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