I’m taking everything into consideration
Putting myself in shoes that do not fit
I’m keeping an open mind
While keeping my mouth shut
Not sure if I’m doing that right, but it seems to keep me under the radar
This is not the situation to create waves
Calm is better than raging
I don’t like raging
There’s plenty of ripples, but I’ve been lucky to be out of their way
I’m here for one reason only
There are goals I need to achieve
I am stronger than I feel
At least that’s what everyone else leads me to believe
I’m trying and that’s really all that I can say
I pushing forward, gently moving everyone out of my way
Maybe I should be more forceful
More like those around me
More like they would like me to be
I have to open my mouth and tell the world not to mess with me
I can do it, I can, but the conflict is if I should
I don’t need a wave, not even ripples, nothing that would cause me to sleep
I’ve had enough restless nights
Finally I sleep in semi-peace
Semi leaves me content
I’ve never settled for content, but right now that’s all I can hope to be
We all have another side
I don’t think the world is ready for that other side of me